Here’s What Cassper Told A Fan Who Said That He Doesn’t Have Fans

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The beef between Cassper and AKA is undeniably one of the longest standing beefs and most impactful in SA Hip Hop history.

A fan recently tweeted replying to L-Tido’s tweet were he had asked AKA and Cassper to make up trolling Cassper. “Cassper doesn’t have fans… those are just people who hate AKA and if he makes peace with AKA it will only mean that those people will now shift their focus,” read the fans tweet.

“JUST AMAJIN!!!! LMAO… Y’all delusional. 68000 people coming to a stadium cause they don’t don’t love you but they hate someone else? BETTER PUT DOWN THAT NYAOPE!!!! *Like Your broer said* tswada shimankie… haha. I NEVER ESPEDEDIT!!!! AMAJIN!!! Itjo, tweeted Cassper responding to the fan.

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