Your Guide To Athleisure Style

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Athleisure is one of the hottest fashion trends of the last few years, with everyone, from
Beyonce to Kim Kardashian, rocking athleisure style on a daily basis. In short, athleisure
means incorporating athletic wear into your everyday style, but in reality there is much more
to know about this trend. Find out how to dress in athleisure and shop for new fashionable
clothes on Jiji ( beauty), Nigeria’s largest online marketplace.

Choose the right occasion

Gym clothes, which is the major part of any athleisure wardrobe, were design for one
purpose: to be worn while training. That is why there are still occasions where athleisure is
more than acceptable, and there are occasions where you should go for another style. For
example, a day at the office without a dress code or a meeting with your girlfriends is an
ideal time for activewear, while a corporate event or birthday party call for more traditional

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Mix different pieces

If you’re looking for inspiration in street fashion blog and Instagrams, you may see that ladies
love to dress in athleisure from head to toe, but the truth is that this kind of commitment to
athleisure rarely works. The best way to rock the athleisure trend is to mix activewear with
your regular wardrobe. For instance, if you own a pair of killer trainers and a sporty
backpack, you can successfully pair them with a cute casual dress or shorts with a top.

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Combine fabrics

Another great way to showcase your athleisure wardrobe without going overboard is to
become the master of pairing fabrics. Sporty performance fabrics work especially well with
denim and leather – that is why so many athleisure looks include jeans, activewear tops, and
leather jackets. You can also wear leather trousers or shorts with a sporty top and trainers,
finishing the look with a light wash denim jacket.

Add some accessories

If you want to keep your athleisure outfit from looking like you’ve just stepped out from the
gym, don’t ignore the importance of accessorizing. Handbags and backpacks, sunglasses
and jewelry, hats and makeup are exactly what you need to effortlessly elevate your look. Of
course, it’s better to go for understated accessories: for example, midsize hoop earrings, a
thin chain necklace, trendy sunglasses, and nude makeup will be the ideal finish to your new
gorgeous athleisure look.

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