Fans Trash Maphorisa For Revoking Deal With Upcoming Artist

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A little while ago, a fan asked Dj Maphorisa how many retweets it would take him to get the Dj to produce his song. DJ Maphorisa told the fan on twitter that if he got 10K retweets he would do it then later changed it to 30K.

When the fan finally reached 30K retweets Dj Maphorisa revoked his previous deal saying that he only works with talent and not hype. “Now he needs to show me his talent before we hit da stu anyone can get retweet’s doesn’t meaning when there is no talent so post ur video showing us u have talent,” tweeted Maphorisa after fans had been asking.

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This had a lot of his fans disappointed and trash talking the Dj. “Let’s stick to initial arrangements. Could’ve said 10k plus a video,” tweeted one fan. Maphorisa went on to say post a tweet that was seen as rude and offensive by a lot of the fans.

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