Da L.E.S Explains Why AKA Doesn’t Follow Him On Twitter

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Da L.E.S and AKA have been friends in the game for a long time now and some would expect the two to be following each other. When AKA was asked why he only follows 13 people he said that it is because he likes leading.

Although the rapper has been friends with Da L.E.S for a long time, he does not follow the North god. Da L.E.S was asked recently by a fan why AKA does not follow him on Twitter asking if they were still cool with AKA. “@2freshLES I just discovered that AKA don’t follow you anymore on Twitter. Are you cool? Y’all so perfect when you drop shit 2getha,” tweeted the fan.

The rappers response to the fans question showed that although AKA does not follow Da L.E.S on twitter, the two are still friends. “We follow each other in real life.,” read Da L.E.S’ response to the fans question.

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